Child Support Court

Tennessee Child Support Laws dictate how much child support will be paid to the custodial parent. Child support laws in Tennessee are similar to those in other states. As with all other states, Tennessee does not take lightly failure to pay child support once there is a court order, so if you are having problems with paying your child support, it is critical that you contact a qualified Tennessee Child Support attorney to help you get your payments reduced. The child support laws of most states look at only a few factors, and you may find that Tennessee child support award takes into account only: (1) How much you earn (2) How much your ex earns (3) How many children you have (4) What percentage of time the children are under each parent’s care and control Honorable Greg Miller serves as the Child Support Referee for the 8th Judicial District. Child Support is a part of the Circuit Court and is held twice a month. (See Child Support Calendar)