Circuit Civil Court Mission

The mission of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is to diligently and professionally serve the needs of the Courts, legal community and citizens of Union County by balancing the use of courteous, personal service and technology to achieve an unmatched level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Circuit Court is a court of record, a court of general jurisdiction. The clerks of Circuit Court are responsible for accepting the filing of lawsuits, after which they create case files and input data into our Court Management Computer System. We continue to monitor those new cases by accepting additional pleadings and filings, scheduling cases for motions, hearing and trials. In addition, clerks process and maintain all orders of the court.

In Union County, the Circuit Court Clerk is charged with the responsibility of maintaining not only the records of the Circuit Court but also the records of all the courts they serve. Among the types of cases heard by the Circuit Court are: *Appeals from Lower Courts *Adoptions *Auto Accidents *Contract Disputes *Civil Torts *Condemnations *Conservatorship *Divorces *Domestic Matters *Joint Petitions *Worker’s Compensation Claims