8th Judicial District

Union County, along with Campbell, Claiborne, Fentress and Scott Counties, make up the 8th Judicial District in East Tennessee.

Union County Criminal Court

Honorable Zachary R. Walden presides over Criminal Court each month which receives and processes all felony affidavits of probable cause, grand jury indictments, arrest warrants and holds jury trials (see Court Calendar and Criminal Rules of Court). Justice is determined in the courtroom and hundreds of court appearance notices and subpoenas are mailed each month. Among other things, pleadings are accepted, criminal histories are prepared and court fines and fees are collected. The first day of each session is a non-jury day and rest are trial dates. Court begins at 9:00 am each day.

Union County Circuit Civil Court

Honorable John McAfee presides over Circuit Civil Court of the Eighth Judicial District. Status/motion days along with trial dates are held several times a month (see Circuit Court Calendar, Rules of Court and Filing Fees). Adoptions, appeals, divorces, child support, jury trials, workers compensation, Orders of Protections, Damages/Torts, Contract/Debt, Conservatorship, Real Estate Matters, Guardianship, Paternity, and other domestic relations are just a few examples of cases filed in Circuit Court.

Child Support Court

Tennessee child support laws dictate how much child support will be paid to the custodial parent. Child support laws in Tennessee are similar to those in other states. As with all other states, Tennessee does not take lightly failure to pay child support once there is a court order, so if you are having problems with paying your child support, it is critical that you contact a qualified Tennessee Child Support attorney to help you get your payments reduced. The child support laws of most states look at only a few factors, and you may find that Tennessee child support award takes into account only: (1) How much you earn (2) How much you ex earns (3) How many children you have; and (4) What percentage of time the children are under each parent’s care and control. Honorable Greg Miller serves as the Child Support Referee for the 8th Judicial District. Child Support is a part of the Circuit Court and is held twice a month. (See Child Support Calendar) Child Support Services are located in Huntsville, TN. For more information you can call them at (423)663-2532.